If you have just completed the 28-Day Leaner Stronger Program … Congratulations—you did it! The 28 days is over…but a true transformation is just starting. I am so happy and excited for you to continue your experience with this next installment from our Steps to Your Success fitness training series.


Experience Level: Beginner – Intermediate
Program Duration: 4 weeks

This is part two of our three-part physique transformation series. Continue the transformation of your body and improve your quality of life.

Previous to this point, the past 4 weeks has helped you become accustomed to positive lifestyle changes and should have gotten easier and more fun to follow. Physically, your energy levels should be improving, you should be feeling improved strength and stamina, and your body should be showing signs of improvement in reduced body fat and improved muscle tone.

That short-term experience is a marker in a journey that confirms what you are doing is making a difference, but you still need to progress your results all the way till your desired goal is achieved.

The next 28 days that follow is when you can realize all of your hard work really paying off—BIG TIME! Why? Because you should have:

   • worked out all the kinks in your schedule;
   • discovered what foods and meals you prefer to eat (while adhering to the Meal Planning Guidelines and Suggested Foods List of course);
   • developed the ability to perform your physical training with greater effort (mentally and physically);
   • developed a more positive mindset;
   • learned to manage stress better;
   • and hopefully are more motivated to experience your personal success.

NOTE: During these next 4 weeks you will continue to implement, and improve upon, the essential guidelines presented in the previous 28-day program. However, you will be provided with the next progression of strategies and techniques for physical training to help ensure greater results.


Up to this point you have been performing the initial level of strength training. You have prepared the body for higher intensity (level of effort) exercise and are better capable to proceed to the next easy-to-follow, systematic progression designed to minimize injury, optimize your workouts, and maximize your results.

Strength training workouts can be done at home, but preferably performed at the gym (due to greater access and variety of proper equipment). Furthermore, this training program includes aerobic training to not only increase fat loss but to improve overall body conditioning. The combined time for all physical training (strength training workouts and cardio sessions) is estimated at only 4-5 hours per week.

The Exercise Guide provides detailed photos and helpful instruction for every exercise within the program so you know how to perform each exercise correctly.

  Download: Exercise Guide


The Step-by-Step Plan that Encourages Noticeable Results!

To get you started quickly and easily we’ll provide you with a printable guide, created in easy-to-use, step-by-step fashion, with day-to-day scheduled tasks. This gives you a direct path to follow, which produces specific decisions and actions that shape where you are going, and how, when, and why you do it. You will become more focused, and more productive.

  Download: Day-by-Day Planner

Calendar Print-Out

Keep yourself accountable and focused on your plan and goals.

  Download: Physical Training Schedule





Mentoring and On-Going Support

Communication is the key to success. Through authentic trainer-participant contact (via phone, text, and/or email) you’ll be offered unlimited support (for the duration of this program) any time you have a question or would like to discuss an issue of concern about the program. For example, consider how to refine your plan by making the proper modifications and necessary adjustments to address your unique abilities and needs to help maximize your results.

And there is MUCH more—guaranteed!

This program helps eliminate as much of the guesswork for you, so you’ll avoid wasting time and unnecessary effort. You will be guided step-by-step, each and every day with direction and support to help you accomplish not just temporary achievements, but towards developing the positive lifestyle necessary for continuous long-term results.

Don’t hesitate! Keep the momentum going, so you can continue to enjoy rapid and rewarding progress.


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