James Kluczinske Promoting Greatness AwardJames Kluczinske, CPT
Physique Coach and Consultant

From Frustration to Motivation

Before his career as a trainer started, he recalls why he became interested in becoming a trainer in the first place. “It was in the mid-’90’s and I was working out one day at a local gym. I noticed a personal trainer, who was a bodybuilding competitor, with three clients. Basically, it seemed to me as a coffee clutch session with no serious coaching whatsoever. Now, I understand that maybe these ladies were fine with this laxed form of instruction, but for some reason I felt a surge of anger and thought to myself I would not waste a client’s time (and money) like that.” It was from that defining moment a direction was created.

He discovered more frustration as years went by, obtaining “insight” through various certification companies. “There is only so much you can learn from studying materials. And how do you know that those sources are reliable? Real knowledge comes from taking what you learn and putting it into practice. Nothing compares to hands-on experience.”

That experience was growing through the years while working for various fitness centers. During this time though, another type of discouragement was met. “I was being held back from helping members in a way that would be more beneficial to them. You quickly learn about a business’ prime objective towards its members when you start questioning the reasons for what they do. There is a cost to benefit ratio. And I’ll say that I noticed there were not Win, Win situations between business’ and its members.” He knew something had to change; something that would be more beneficial.

James Kluczinske's Fit Camp training studio

James Kluczinske’s “Fit Camp” training studio during 2010-2011.

In 2009, he ventured on his own. It began as a group exercise program at a local community center and, after a few short months, transitioned into his own training studio. From there, people were beginning to be introduced to “Fit Camp” and his 14-Day Fit Body Kick-Start Program. This successful program integrated progressive physical training with nutrition planning. The results most members were achieving was amazing! And in just 2 weeks! But what about those that weren’t? He realized, that he was on the right path, but there were still issues that needed to be addressed.

“What does it really take?” he repetitively asked himself. The answer was presented in his Introduction to  the 28-Day Leaner, Stronger Program, which was released in 2012. This 8-page report revealed the four key components to improved health and well-being, and how integrating these components at the same time one can be continually encouraged by results.

While the Introduction to the program provided more of an awareness, the actual 28-Day Leaner, Stronger Program provides the step-by-step guidelines along with a day-by-day planner. “This helps eliminate much of the guess-work for you, so you’ll avoid wasting your time and effort. Therefore, you can concentrate your energies on what’s most important for you to do, so you can begin to see and feel results in the shortest time possible.”

It doesn’t end there though. Through his “Steps to Your Success” fitness training series one is able to progress their results all the way till their desired goal is achieved.

“The information and resources offered throughout this site are a culmination of years of research, study, and practical application into exactly what works to achieve a leaner, stronger body. Will these techniques work for YOU? The answer is – YES! They work for everyone that makes the commitment to give their best effort.”

“I am confident that I can provide you practical solutions which can enable you to experience noticeable results in just a few short weeks…not months! Think about it. Isn’t that what you are really interested in?”