Who do I contact if none of the below questions answer my question?
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I just purchased an online training program. But why wasn’t I directed to receive immediate access to the program and downloads?
Hopefully after making your payment with PayPal you were immediately directed to the “Thank You” page that provides you with the webpage link along with password granting you access to the program you have decided to participate in. But PayPal doesn’t automatically redirect you to the page if you don’t pay using a personal PayPal account. Therefore, once we receive notice about your purchase we will personally send you an email (to the address you provided during checkout) to make certain you receive the access information.

Why can’t I view your full website on my mobile device?
The web you see on your mobile device is often different from the one you see on a desktop or laptop. Content is usually crammed into a single vertical column, making it easier to scan, scroll, and read on a tiny screen. But you are presented with a watered-down version of their desktop counterparts, as some page elements may vanish. This makes it more difficult to view our full-service website on your mobile device. It is recommended that you use a desktop or laptop to make certain you are able to view all the content provided within the website. Therefore, you get the best user-friendly experience.

What does it really take (to get leaner, stronger…faster)?
Click on the video below to discover the truth why so many people struggle even to try getting in shape while very few seem to achieve extraordinary results.