You are done with being overweight, out of shape and just plain unhealthy. You have tried all the popular diets and workout plans and have finally come to the conclusion that they do not work as well as claimed and you need help attaining your goal.

Guiding You on the Fast Track to Success

We offer an online personal training experience that is a truly unique opportunity that can change your life for the better.

Our comprehensive online training programs utilize a holistic approach to guide and progress you through various levels of self-improvement relevant to the specific goal you desire to achieve, such as to reduce body fat, build lean muscle (tighten, tone, and sculpt), increase strength and stamina, look and feel your best, or stay healthy and vibrant.

While we acknowledge that there is no “one size fits all” solution, we do understand that there are fundamental principle and core requirements contained within each component of our method, and how integration of those elements at the same time continually encourage results.

Much more than just an exercise and nutrition program, you’ll be provided everything you need to succeed.

The Secret to Ensure Follow-Through

To get you started quickly and easily we’ll provide you with a printable guide, created in easy to use, step-by-step fashion, with day-by-day scheduled tasks. This gives you a direct path to follow, which produces specific decisions and actions that shape where you are going, and how, when, and why you do it. You will become more focused, and more productive.

The purpose of the planner is to:

  • Provide you with direction, meaning , and purpose;
  • Help you make decisions that positively affect your future;
  • Help you focus your energies on what’s most important;
  • Provide you some of the simplest, yet most effective methods to track your progress; and
  • Help eliminate uncertainty, anxiety, doubt and fear you may have.

Much of the guesswork has been eliminated for you, so you won’t be wasting valuable time and effort. Therefore, you can concentrate your energies on what’s most important for you to do so you can experience noticeable results that you can see and feel! Think about it. Isn’t that what you are really interested in?

You will be guided step-by-step, each and every day with direction and support to help you develop self-efficacy to feel empowered to accomplish not just temporary achievements, but towards developing the positive lifestyle necessary for continuous long-terms results.

Everything about our online training programs have been designed with one intention: to help you transform your body and improve your quality of life! What’s more, these guides have been proven effective by the men and women who’ve gone before you. The fact that they’ve done it really does indicate that you can do it too!

Real People. Real Results.

Polariods (Before and After) - Pam WarginPam Wargin (Age: 50 —Insurance Agent)

“Since using James Kluczinske’s online training programs I have lost 46 pounds and more than 40 inches overall!

“I was feeling both emotionally and physically drained which was affecting all aspects of my life. At my heaviest weight, struggling daily with proper nutrition and justifying my lack of physical exercise on the stresses of daily life; I NEEDED a simplistic fitness and nutrition program that didn’t require a huge time commitment. I didn’t want to ‘diet’ nor did I want to spend hours at a gym. I found exactly what I was looking for with James’ online programs.

“The benefits of his programs and guidance are endless! My overall attitude has improved, my confidence level has increased and I’ve gained control in many aspects of my personal and professional life. Simply put, I feel amazing!

“Looking for a confidence booster; I continue to hear from people how health and fit I look (not ‘you’ve lost weight’). I’m humbled by my transformation process and can’t thank James Kluczinske enough for sharing his personal fitness and nutrition expertise through his ‘easy-to-follow’ online programs.

“The best part is that I’ve found it relatively easy to maintain my results for over 16 months and I have absolutely no doubt in my continued success.

“I strongly recommend anyone seeking positive changes in both your fitness level and nutrition and looking for a better, more confident you, to join today!”

Summing It Up

True success in any endeavor is not rare because of the fact that people are weak or lazy, or lack will power or fear success. Rather, true success is rare because too often people use flawed strategies for success. Across different areas of life, from weight loss to smoking cessation, from academic success to athletic excellence, those who achieve more use the best process for change.

The process outlined within our various training programs synthesize some of the most powerful strategies and techniques. Using them will lead to greater goal achievement. Will these techniques work for you? The answer is—YES! They work for everyone that makes the commitment to give their best effort.

The Choice Is Yours

Through interactive media and information, our online training programs provide you all the benefits of having a traditional personal trainer and nutritionist with far less financial burden. Since there are no time or location constraints, this gives you the freedom to literally train anywhere, as early or late as you want because you will have the plan, so you’ll know exactly what you need to do for each workout. Should any questions or concerns arise, you’re able to get the expert guidance and support you need.

It’s simple actually—just follow the step-by-step guidelines and day-by-day planner, giving your best effort, and the results will come. We can promise that if you stick to the plan, it’s guaranteed to put you on the fast track to success. All you need to do is have the commitment and motivation to see it through.

Now you have an important choice to make. Are you going to continue to feeling confused, frustrated and lost like most everyone else? Or are you ready to take back control of your life and transform in a way you may have never imagined or experienced before!

Maybe most who read this won’t take this opportunity…TOO BAD FOR THEM! But for the really smart people who do—LOOKOUT! You’re about to experience the best results of your life!

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